High Pass Filter for a grittier image


Ok. After posting my new profile picture on Facebook and mentioning that I would write a tutorial on how to accomplish the effect I decided to go ahead and do that very thing. The high pass filter is one I find myself using often. If you look at the 4 rotating images at orchardmidland.com notice the one of the road. I used this effect on that image as well to really pull out the roughness of the road. Here is my starting image. One I took with my iPhone 5S (because the 6 has not arrived yet sadly) after getting caught in a downpour in Florida. I took the image to show the red neck from rain slapping me at 65mph but after posting the image I noticed it would look really nice with this effect applied. In hind sight I should have zoomed a bit on this image to […]

Ideas bounce, in my head

Though I had good intentions when starting this blog, I have immediately found it difficult to determine exactly the direction I want to go. I have yet to publicize the blog simply because I need content before putting it out there. Sure, some people may stumble upon it looking for my old company but generally not many. The problem I’m facing is knowing exactly what to write about first. As previously mentioned, the moniker “Jack of all trades – master of none” really is one I should wear proudly. I’m afraid I’m going to fall into the Photoshop tutorial trap and here’s why…. The one Photoshop tutorial I have put up here has already thrown me into needing to include 3 more tutorials on the back of that first one. Two I mentioned in the blog. But I don’t desire this to be a Photoshop only blog. I do find […]

Proper Adjustment


I am going to start with very basic Photoshop tutorials. Not a “I just downloaded Photoshop and have no idea what to do next” kind of start but a start where I’m assuming you have a very basic understanding of Photoshop and where the tools are located though you may not know their function or use. One of the mistakes I see so often are beginners to Photoshop trap themselves with having to use the “undo” shortcut (Cmd/Z for Mac or Ctrl/Z for PC). Or they find themselves trapped having edited their original photograph with no means to go backward (as in saving and closing). Let’s use a real life example. The above image is one of myself giving my wife a hard time while she was at work. (please notice, she is not reciprocating in my attempts to get a kiss). The original image was taken with my cell […]

Welcome to Clarity


Though I have enjoyed the much found freedom in my early retirement and all the time I have to ride my Harley Davidson it did come at a steep price for this ADHD 46 year old man. (tempted as I may be to insert the PHP code into this post to keep track of when my birthday is and what day it is currently so that my age will always be correct on here, I’m just too lazy) Namely, I find I get tired of doing absolutely nothing and am looking for things to do. I have also found me teaching others on a pretty consistent basis while still continuing to learn. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy learning and I enjoy creating both visually and in code.  This is why I’ve learned the new Swift programming language from Apple.  I found it much easier than Objective C which I learned […]